How to choose an appropriate used car

When you want to buy a used car you have to be more cautious in every respect as opposed to buying a new car as it is a more complicated process. There are legitimate concerns about its quality and wear and tear.

But, if you do due diligence beforehand and follow the points given here you will not regret your decision to buy a used Hyundai Verna car in Bangalore.

Do your homework

Do a thorough research about the prevailing market conditions, get a proper valuation done by a professional agency or a bank and study the various modes available for buying a used car like the internet, agencies, newspaper advertisements, personal referrals etc

Check the documents

All original documents related to the car should be checked thoroughly for any discrepancies. Check whether the registration book and insurance papers are correct and in order. Do check the original bill and finance papers if any.  Also check the maintenance record of the car.

Ascertain the veracity of the seller

Meet and talk with the seller so that you get a fair idea about his genuineness and character.  If you are not comfortable with the seller’s antecedents do not proceed further in the deal and cancel the deal.

Check the car during the day

Do a thorough and detailed inspection of the car in broad daylight. Inspect not only its interiors, but also its exterior to check for scratch marks and to see if it has been involved in an accident. Also verify the engine size so that you are sure that you are getting the variant you want.  Drive the car or if you do not know how to drive take a friend or relative who knows driving to know the performance of the engine and road-worthiness of the car.